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PIC Government Grant

PIC Scheme (Scheme has ended Since 2018)

Administered by IRAS, businesses (companies, partnership and sole proprietor) can now enjoy huge savings for investment in innovation and productivity improvements under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme.

  1. 400% Tax Deductions / Allowances or
  2. 40% Cash Payout


PIC Bonus (Cash)

From YAs 2013 to 2015, businesses can also enjoy PIC Bonus, a dollar-for-dollar matching PIC cash payout of up to $15,000.


PIC and PIC Bonus Cash Claim Example

Website Development Fee
minus 40% PIC Cash Rebate


Customer Cost $1,800


I Need Help Applying for PIC grant

Sure, we have very attractive PIC packages that qualifies for PIC and we will be able to assist you in your application for PIC.


* PIC details are subject to change. For more complete and updated information, kindly visit IRAS website. Customers can also contact us for free PIC consultation.