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Guide provided as it is with no warranty of any kind.

Checking and Sending Email

* Please read everything before your proceed.

How do I check my  email ? 
Once your domain name has propagated and is working on our servers, you can configure your mail software (eg. Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora) with the following settings:

General Settings


Mail server Type: POP or POP3

Incomg Sever: (replace with your actual domain name)

Email Username: (always in full email address format)

Email User Password: your password

Login Authentication: Clear Text (do not select Password Authentication or authenticated POP)

Port/SSL Settings (Usually under Advanced Settings:

- Turn on SSL/TLS (Set port to 995) *You may receive and SSL Error Warning. See below for more info.

- Turn off SSL/TLS (Set port to 110)

Leave emails on Sever: Either set to no or set it to maximum of 7 days (otherwise mailbox will be full very quickly). Windows 10 Built in Mail software does not have this option. Please use Outlook or Thunderbird.


Mail Server (SMTP): your ISP's mail server (eg.,,

Outgoing Port: Typically 25

Authentication: Typically None or Normal Password

Outgoing Password: Typically None

Pls contact your ISP or Telco if the followings don't work. Email who subscribe to our Addon SMTP service please follow the SMTP config email for the settings.

Fixed Line Broadband SMTP Server
M1 or
(whichever works)
Starhub Maxonline or (whichever works)
3G Mobile Broadband SMTP Server
Singtel Mobile
M1 or
(whichever works)
Starhub Mobile or (whichever works)

Software Setup

* Windows 10 Users: Built-in Windows 10 Mail does not seem to have a setting to delete email from server and your mailbox will be full eventually. As such, we would recommend using Outlook or Thunderbird.

Outlook Express/Windows Mail (Vista/Win7): Click Tools->Accounts->Add->Mail (follow the wizard.  Pls read the software's help file for details)

Windows Live Mail: Click Accounts->Add New Mail (follow the wizard.  Pls read the software's help file for details)

Outlook 2003/2007:Click Tools->E-Mail Accounts (follow the wizard.  Pls read the software's help file for details)

Outlook 2010 / 2013: Click File->Info -> Add Account (follow the wizard.  Pls read the software's help file for details)

Mozilla Thunderbird

- Click Create a New Account (Enter Name, Email Address & Password), Click Manual Config

- If Account has already be added, right click on account to select Settings


Type: POP3

Hostname: mail.replace-with-your-domain (eg.

Port(SSL): 110 (None) or 995 (SSL/TLS - Please confirm security exception as server is using self generated certificate)

Authentication: Normal Password

Outgoing: See SMTP Notes Above


Username Incoming: your username in full email address format

Leaving Email On Server:

- Right click on account to select Settings

- Go to Server Settings, Adjust number of days to keep emails on server after download and uncheck "Until I Delete" (to prevent mailbox from going full)


Please note that we do not provide technical support for troubleshooting iPhone mail setup.  Guide is provided as it it.  Please see the iPhone user guide for assistance.  Please contact your Telco or Vendor for direct help.


1. Go to the home screen, tap Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Other.

2. Select POP and then enter the following information:

Name: Your Name.
Address: Your email address.
Description: Description you like

Incoming Mail Server 

Host Name: Enter your Incoming Mail Server.  (See Above) 
your email address.
Password: your mailbox password.

Type: POP or POP3
Port: 110 (no SSL) or 995 (with SSL, may have SSL Certificate warning due to server signed certifice for private domain name. You will need to accept if you want to proceed.)

Outgoing Mail Server

Host Name: Enter your Outgoing Mail Server. (See Above for 3G/4G Mobile Broadband) 


 If you have subscribed to our smtp service, please enter the infomation as per server config. 

Username: Your smtp email address.
Password: Your smtp password.


Port: 25 (contact your telco for details)

3. Click SAVE. Wait for the iPhone to test your incoming and outgoing mail settings and connect to your mailbox.

4. Keep Emails on Server [Optional].  If you are using PC to download, select keep emails so that PC can download the message.  

  • In Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  • Select the account for which you wish to change the settings.

  • Select Advanced, located at the bottom of the list.

  • Select the Delete from server option.

  • Choose Seven days from the pop-up menu.

  • style="padding-left: 0px;"Press the Home button to return to the Home screen. 


SSL Warning When Checking Email using SSL Port 995

Example: The identity of "your mail host server" cannot be verified, Cannot Verify Server Identity

Solution 1: If there is a "continue" option, you can click it to proceed.

Solution 2: For iPhones, you can disable SSL email checking, then re-enable

Solution 3: This is most recommended. Use the server's Root Hostname which has a valid SSL certificate. Use this Root Hostname Lookup Page to get the server root hostname. Please check that the root hostname provided has "" as the domain (eg.,, etc). If there is a server migration or major upgrade (usually every few years), you will get an error message. Please obtain the root hostname again.

How much space should I give to user.

For modern day Internet usage, we recommend at least 50MB per user.  If the account is too big, it might take a long time to download.  Do not award unlimited quota as it will result in quota problem.
My account is overquota.  How do I clear usage?

1. Login as administrator, click the small arrow beside statistic -> select summary report -> then select full report.  This will give you a breakdown of the usage.

2. This report is generated nightly.  To see 'live' mail quota usage, please login to individual webmail. 

3. If website is taking up space, you can delete unnecessary files using FTP.

4. If emails are taking up space, please download emails via POP3 to clear space.  You can also login to webmail to "Delete and Purge" the emails.

* The fastest wat to clear mail quota is to delete the mail user and recreate.  This will delete everything belonging to the user.  Please do this only if you are sure there is nothing you need.

I am running out of server quota but there is no mail in user accounts

Below are the common causes. 

1. Webmail
<<IMPORTANT>>. Mails stored on webmail folders (eg. sent, trash,etc) take up space. Also, many webmail users have forgotten to clear the trash-bin after deleting emails. The trash-bin takes up space on your account, remember to delete the mails in the trash-bin to clear up space usage.  If you have many folders with many emails in it, logon to your webmail to clear the folders.  Generally, we recommend using POP3 email software (eg. outlook, outlook express) for normal usage and webmail for occasional usage.

2. Catchall Account
<<IMPORTANT>>. If you have a dormant catchall account, remember to download email from that account. 

3. Web Space. Check to see if you have large files taking up unnecessary space.  

I can't send email!

SMTP relay via your server is not a feature of your package.  Remember to set the SMTP server to those provided by your ISP.  Some ISPs require your to check your email account (ISP's email account) before allowing you to send emails.  

If you need SMTP for certain reason, you can contact us for an SMTP addon.  
How can I access webmail?

Webmail is available at http://webmail.ReplaceWithYourDomain.  

SSL Warning. There might be an SSL certificate related warning. Please accept it to proceed. 

  • SSL allows encryption of data between your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and the server. It helps prevent snooping of data such as password and email. 
  • However, paid SSL certificate (no warning) implemented for each domain will costly. 
  • As such, we have implemented server generated certificate which has the same encryption which is free, but comes with warning.
  • Some customers have ordered paid SSL. Please let us know if you wish to do so. Otherwise, most customers seem fine using server generated certificate.

Timezone.  Please update the suitable timzone for your country at Preferences->Global->Locale..


- We recommend using an email software (eg. outlook express, outlook, windows live mail, etc) to check emails (pop3).  These software download emails to your PC and thus will be faster.  Webmail consumes your quota which may result in quota problem.
- Do not use the webmail to check email account not hosted on the server.
- Please note that Calendar feature is not fully supported.  We recommend using using Outlook's calendaring system.
- Please backup address book frequently.  Certain upgrade/patch may overwrite addressbook
- Please download email via POP3 frequently and clear mailbox and folders (eg. sent) to free up space.  
- Please purge deleted mails frequently.

* IMPT: For features such as calendar, address book, keys, filters, special settings, please keep a copy of the details at your end for backup.  In case of server migration/upgrade/change/restore, these features might change or become unavailable. 

Bounced Email - User Account Out Of Quota

1. When an email is sent to a user@yourdomain, a bounced message is received indicating "(reason: can't create (user) output file)"
2. When an email is sent to a user@youdomain, a bounced message is received indicating user@yourdomain "Mail quota exceeded"
2. The webmail performs strangely, take a long time to load and/or display no messages when you are sure there are messages.  Webmail is unable to delete messages (especially large ones)

See above on dealing with out of quota.

I am getting lots of virus emails.  Please help!

Worldwide virus incidents have increased tremendously.  Better and more intelligent viruses have managed to forged the sender email address and mass generate receipient's email address. Due to this, it takes much more effort to trace the sender (who is usually a victim of an virus infection).

If you are receiving lots of virus email suddenly, we would suggest doing a complete system scan on your PC.  If it is clean, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.   The situation will usually slow out after a few days when the infected sender/victim realises the infection and takes step to remove the virus.

If the email is from an email address you don't know or would never want to receive emails from, you can log to the control panel to block email from this email address.

The best defence is to protect your computers with updated antivirus and firewall software.  Users should also be educated on the security threats over email and web usage. 

*  Email virus scanning.
Customer can order email virus scanning addon at S$15 per year. Dangerous content will be scanned and removed before reaching your account. This adds an layer of protection and helps with space as larger and dangerous content are removed. See antivirus FAQ below.

Anti-Virus Scanning FAQ

What is the purpose of the Anti-Virus feature?
The Anti-virus scanner provides scanning and filtering for all your incoming emails hosted on our server.  If virus is detected, it will attempt to clean it.  If cleaning fails the email will be deleted and a notification will be sent to you.

Do I really need it?
Having this provides additional line of defence.  You can be more assured that the emails you receive via our servers are clean. You don't really need this if you already have very strong anti-virus measures. 

Would it provide 100% protection?  Does this mean that I will not need to install additional anti-virus software on my systems anymore?
To our best knowledge, no anti-virus program provide 100% guarantee.   In addition, you will still need the software on your systems to protect against other virus threats (eg. web surfing, files download, files exchange, etc).  Please note that the anti-virus feature is provided as it is without warranty of any kind. We cannot guarantee that all viruses will be blocked nor will we guarantee against loss of data as a result or its usage.

How updated is your anti-virus program?
We configure it to automatically download available updates daily.


Advance Anti-Spam Scanning

What is the purpose of the Advance Anti-Spam feature?
The server has been configured to provide baseline anti-spam service.  Message from known spam servers are rejected.  However, spam emails do get through.  Implementing a stricter service wide regime may result in more false positives (non spam emails are rejected wrongly).  As such, the Advance Anti-Spam control provides more control for customers to determine the level of filtering they need. 

Do I really need it?

If you are not getting too much spam, then there is no need.  If you are getting more spam and/or wish to have more control on spam actions, then this is beneficial.

Would it provide 100% protection?  
To our best knowledge, no anti-spam detection promise 100%.  

How can it be enabled?
Please email Technical Support.