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Desktop Calendar, Wall Calendar, Memobox & Table Planner



Large selection of designs for customisation. 

Limited stock for each design. Please order early.

Gold/Silver Hotstamping Available.  Customisable with your brand/logo!

Why Calendar is still the top gift for branding

Physical calendars are still very much used in today’s digital world. As a corporate gift, it is one of the most cost-effective. Many companies are distributing this to their customers, and here are some reasons. 

  • Widely used in many industries and functions.  It is one of the gift that needful users will place high value on. 
  • A gift that lasts an entire year.  Comparing to one-off items such as flyer/brochure or gift pen that goes missing all the time, appreciative users will typically keep it for 12 months. 
  • A relationship that is reminded almost daily.  A desktop calendar or table planner can be so well used that customers get to interact with your brand, product and services frequently. When the needs arise, your contact information will be right there!
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