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“Print Your Own Design” Red Packet & Orange Carrier
Small Quantity Exquisite Red Packet & Orange Carrier

Customisation Possibilities

Semi-Customisation: This is suitable for customer who has special request for background colour/pattern and wish to supply front/back design in image, font, MS-Word or even Powerpoint.

Companies can print exquisite design with the branding. Families can print their own special CNY greeting, message and family name.

We will integrate provided details into printing template for approval. There will be a small artwork integration fee.

Full Design Customisation:  This is suitable for customer who are able to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or other professional design software. Please contact us to request for print template for full design customisation.


Orange Carrier
Material: Colour Printed 270gsm Premium Smooth Touch (Tough)
Dimension: 230mm x 160mm x 85mm : Up to 4 Mandarins
MOQ: 20pcs
Leadtime: 1-2 weeks

Red Packet
Material: Colour Printed Premium 157gsm Art Paper (Thick quality feel)
Dimension: 168mm x 82mm : Suitable for up to S$100 notes.
MOQ: 200pcs
Leadtime: 1-2 weeks

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