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Hosting / Domain Name / Web Design Order Form

For printing orders, please contact us at 6852-9402 for no obligation consultation and quotation.

For hosting or domain name, kindly fill up the following form.  Most web hosting companies make use of automated system to process order.  At the end, each customer is just a account in the computer system

If you have any queries, you are welcomed to call us or email  Do feel free to contact us if you face difficulties filling up the order form.

At Acidprint, we want to get to know all our customers and customers to know us before starting a relationship.  It is this personalized service that has allowed us to service our customers many times round.  Upon submission, a member of our staff will call you personally to verify the details and understand any further needs you may have.

  • Account Information
  • Specify who will receive the server configuration information
  • Specify who will receive the server configuration information
  • Agent Information
    If you are reselling this package, please complete this portion.
  • Domain Registration Details & Customer Information.
    Beware!! of web hosting companies who do not register customer as the owner. Acidprint registers customer as the rightful owner. Please see our domain page for pricing. Our staff will confirm the pricing via the order confirmation.
  • eg.,,
  • eg.,,
  • This is required if you are applying on behalf of an organisation. It is also compulsory if you are using a .SG domain.
  • This is required only for .SG domain name. Enter your Business, Company or Society registration number. For .EDU.SG, please also enter your MOE registration number. For .NET.SG application, please also enter your IDA registration number.
  • You can enter more than one phone number

  • By pressing the "SUBMIT button below, I
    1. Authorize Acidprint to process this order in accordance with the terms stipulated above.
    2. Certify that the particulars given above are true and correct to my knowledge.

    Send no money now. We will confirm your order via email/phone. We thank you for your business.



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