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Digital Marketing Solutions

We understand the pain of many businesses these days and especially the SMBs without deep pockets. Face it, traditional marketing just doesn’t work as well anymore.   Business landscape is changing rapidly, operating cost is skyrocketing and there is urgent need to open up more avenues to bring in leads. 

Everyone knows that the Internet is booming.  There is no escaping from the fact that customers are moving on to the Internet. Question is how to seek out online customers without overspending and to achieve good ROI on the investments.

Acidprint is a specialist in affordable digital marketing services. We work hard to help our clients achieve great ROI.   Getting good leads from digital marketing need not be expensive if we do it the right way. 

Businesses will need to include digital marketing as part of the overall marketing strategy. We seek to provide customer with best value digital marketing services. Our team offers the following digital marketing services.


Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Getting high organic search engine result

Search Engine Marketing/Adwords (SEM)


Search Engine Marketing/Adwords (SEM)
Optimise Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad campaigns to maximise clicks and minimise cost

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

E-Mail Marketing/Campaign


E-Mail Marketing/Campaign


Looking for a marketing agency that walk the talk? We offer attractive packages with guaranteed results.  Do feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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