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Increase your market reach now.......

Our Solutions

  • Global/Local E-Store – Start Earning Worldwide Revenue now!
  • Online Catalog – Showcase your product to the world inexpensively
  • Discount Coupon – Create and give out coupons to boost sales!
  • Payment Collection – Collect online or offline payment (Credit card, COD, Cheque, Transfer)
  • Shipping Calculation – From free shipping, flat rate to table rate. Your business, you decide.
  • Inventory Management – Block orders for out of stock items and notification of low stock level
  • Reporting – Birds’ eye view of incoming sales, stock level, etc

Friendly Costs

We provide the best value e-commerce development service.  We will customise a store that will be effective in helping you earn revenue.  To have a no-obligation discussion or to see a free demo, contact us now.

Opens 24 hours a day


  • Does not require manpower to tend the store.  Saving you lots of salary cost.
  • Take orders, clear credit card payment even while you sleep
  • Handle order surges with no need for extra manpower
  • Open to worldwide market
  • Low rental cost (eg. hosting fee from under S$4 p/mth)
  • Cheap startup “renovation” cost compared to a physical shop

Some Factors for Successful E-Commerce


  • Store design should give your business an appropriate image.  A one-size-fits-all store add-on will not be beneficial.  What would your store’s image be when it looks like thousands of other online stores?
  • Customisable to fit your business needs.
  • Low startup cost
  • Upgradeable when you need more features and power
  • Easy and low cost catalog maintenance

Advantages of our solutions

  • Highly Customisable and Extensible. Store will be customised to suit the needs of our customer and not the other way round.  Our solution gives you the flexibility to start simple and add new features as and when it is needed.
  • Easy and Low Cost Maintenance.  Your catalog can be easily updated with a web browser.  All updates will be instantly reflected in your e-store.
  • Feature-full. The backend system gives you the power to manage product information, manage orders, manage customers, manage promotions, configure delivery rates, upload pictures, manage suppliers and many more.  The front-end store features integrate shopping cart, customer registration, dynamic catalog generation, newsletter subscription, store recommendations, search engine and many more.
  • Scalable. Suitable for companies of all sizes – from small e-stores to mega e-portals targeting the global marketplace. In this way, we are able to grow with the merchant as the company expands.
  • Global Mobility. The whole system is extremely mobile. Merchants will be able to update catalog information wherever there is a web browser with internet connection, ie merchants can update the e-store at home, in the office, cybercafe or in a hotel.
  • Robust. All e-stores will be hosted on well engineered servers in a world-class data centre with multiple redundant backbone connectivity.
  • Fast.  Your store utilises SQL database system instead of the super-slow and unreliable flat file database file.  This gives you much better performance and reliability to cope with larger transaction load
  • Secured. Back-end password protected access to the e-store management system.  The entire store can also be secured using industrial standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • User-friendly. The e-store will be built with user-friendliness in mind and the back-end management system is specially designed to be easy to use. In fact, it will be as easy as filling up forms!
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