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Enjoy Greater Savings now !


  1. Transparency.  We try our very best to remain transparent to your customers.  As such, you have the flexibility to price your own plans and services.
  2. Priority Support.  Resellers are highly valued.  Priority support is rendered to help you solve your customers’ problem quickly.
  3. Extra Savings.  Become a reseller to get discount off regular packages.  We also have the bulk reseller plan which provides even higher savings.  Once in a while, we also run special promotion that is just for resellers.

We allow reselling for all our hosting packages.   Ad-hoc reseller can thus resell any of our packages as and when it is needed.   Discount is based on the number of accounts you have with us.  The more you have, the greater the discount.  There is no strings attached, contact us for an application form now.

BULK RESELLER  >> Up to 3000MB of space for just S$68 p/mth <<
This package is targeted at reseller who are more ambitious and aggressive in building their own client base.  With a one time setup fee and a monthly subscription, resellers will be entitled to 15 virtual servers without any further subscription fee.   Resellers will also be able to decide  the amount of space and email accounts for each server, allowing them to customise their own hosting packages.

In addition, bulk reseller can also purchase the standards hosting plans just like an Ad-Hoc reseller but at a greater discount right from the start.

Contact us for an application form now.

Special Domain Pricing
Sign up now as a bulk reseller and you get to purchase and renewal up to 15 International domain names (.com .net .org. .info .biz) for virtual servers created under your reseller package at S$18 per domain per year!!  Additional domain name costs just S$20 p/yr.   .SG domain is also available at S$55 p/yr.


Bulk Reseller Plan S$68 setup.  S$68 per month.  No yearly contract, just quarterly contract!!
Number of Servers 15 virtual servers. 
– No setup fee for creation of the first 15 servers. Free unlimited termination.
– S$5 setup fee per server thereafter.
– When you have used up all 15 servers, just open another bulk reseller account.
Space per server Up to 200MB 150MB per server.  Yes, you can have 15 servers all with 200MB space each (3000MB altogether).  Space above 200MB for each server costs S$1 p/mth per 10MB.
No. of POP email account per server Up to 40 per server.   Additional e-mail account for each server costs S$1 per 5 email accounts per month.
Standard features
  • HTML, SHTML(SSI), CGI, Perl5, PHP4
  • Webmail
  • Unlimited Alias
  • Autoresponder / Forwarding
  • Comprehensive User Guide
  • Comprehensive server statistics/logs
  • Web-Based Control Panel for Administrator/User
  • Unlimited Hits/Transfers
  • Support Flash/Shockwave/Java Applet
  • HtAccess/HtPasswd
Optional Features Parked Domain: S$5 setup + S$1 p/mth.

If you require more information, please feel free to contact us.  Request for an application form now!!


Who is it meant for?
The reseller packages are especially suitable for the following groups of people;

  • Web designers/developers looking for additional recurring income, not just a place to host their web site.
  • Companies with multiple web site, signing up the bulk reseller package is definitely much cheaper compared to signing up multiple individual packages.
  • Newbie or wannabe web hosting providers who wants to start small and test the market.
  • IT firms who wish to provide a total solution to they clients without investing in hosting infrastructure, which can be very costly to operate.

What are  the main benefits of the Bulk Reseller Plan?
This program allows reseller to purchase hosting resources in bulk at low wholesale price.  Resellers will be given priority support and discounts off other hosting packages.

One of the main advantages, other than the low wholesale price, is that reseller can finally have flexibility to create & customise certain parts of the package for their customers.  For example, you can order a 50MB account under your reseller plan.  When you customers need more, you can add space up to 100MB.  You get to charge your customers more, but your cost remains the same.

Can we use the server for any purposes and put up any content?
The servers are tuned for general web/email hosting purpose.  As such, they are quite versatile and allows you to hosting corporate web sites, e-commerce facilities, etc.  However, please bear in mind that anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical are not allowed. Supporting hacking, engaging in credit card fraud, pornography and spamming are strictly prohibited.

How does a reseller make profit?
In short, marketing! It really depends on how creative and innovative you are in packaging a hosting solutions with your services (eg. Web design) to your target market.  We try our best to remain transparent.  As such,  you can price your packages according to your own customer profile and service offerings.

At our side, we try our best to keep cost low for our reseller and to provide good quality services.

Everything seems great, how do I start?
First of all, you will need to sign up as a reseller.  We will then issue you with a password/ID to access online facilities to manage your account.  Contact us for an application form now.

Will you support or contact my customers?
No. You will need to support your own customers and we will support you. We will remain anonymous.  It is our policy to be as anonymous as possible to your customer.

Will I need to be technical competent?
No, you do not need to be a IT geek in order to sell hosting services. However, you will find that a good understanding of hosting related terminology will help in servicing clients. For more technical issues, you can seek help from us.

The main idea of offering wholesale server resources is to allow you to focus on your core strength and leave the server management part to us.

How do I get support?
You will be provided with online documentation. Most answers should be in there. If not, you can always e-mail us.

Can I use your support documentation for my clients?
Yes you may as long as you are still a reseller and selling our packages.

Do you sell domain name?
Yes, we do and at a low price.

If in any case you already have a domain or you prefer to order it elsewhere, remember to let your registrar know our name servers (which will be e-mailed to you upon order) in order to set up your virtual server properly.

My customers already have a domain name, can you transfer them for me?
Yes, there is no additional charge other than the normal domain fee.

What do I do when my servers are down?
We monitor the servers closely. In the unlikely event that a server goes down, it will not just be a single client that is affected but many others as well. As such, you can be assured that we are doing our best trying to solve the problem. If you need more information, feel free to e-mail us.

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