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I use Windows based computer for Internet.  Would that be a problem?
There will be no problem.  In fact, most customers use Windows for their computer. We also have customers using Mac and some Unix based OS. 

Linux/Unix is often the preferred server platform due to their stability, security, performance and versatility.  Our servers utilise standard protocol (eg. FTP, POP, etc) for communication.  As long as you have the standard compliant software such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, etc, you will be fine. You can also use your PDA/Handphone to access email and web with the necessary software.

 I create web pages using Frontpage or Dreamweaver.   Is that a problem?
No problem at all.  The servers support standard 24hrs FTP service for you to upload web pages created with Frontpage, Dreamweaver and almost any other web design software.

Can my website be reached with or without “www”?
Yes.  We configure your website to be reached either with or without “www”  (eg. if you get a domain, your site can be reached at both and 

How do I decided which plan is suitable for me?
First, ensure the plan supports the features you need.  Generally Business plans offer more features than the Value plans.  If you need extra reliability, the Business plans offer Enterprise Linux as the operating system.   

Next, decide on the amount of space you require.  We recommend 20MB-50MB for website and 10MB-20MB per email account for modern day usage. 

Can I resell the packages? Are there further reseller discount for this offer?
Yes.  You may resell the packages.  Simply enter yourself as the Agent and if you want to bill customers yourself, just change the necessary contact (eg. payment contact) to Agent.  Customer ordering 2nd server onwards will be given reseller discount.  Email us for more details.

Is the DNS hosting included in the hosting packages?
Yes.  By having name-servers  located in different countries (separate data-center), accessibility and reliability of your domain name has been improved.

I need to direct traffic for 2 or more domain names to just one hosting server.
No problem.  We offer domain parking service on all hosting packages. 

Will I be able to create email accounts myself?
Yes.  You will be able to manage all aspects (create, delete, forwarding, aliases, etc) of email accounts via the user-friendly web-based interface (control panel). 

How do I decide on a domain name?
First of all, decide whether you want an international domain name (eg. .com, .net, org, .biz, .info) or local domain name (eg.  If you are active in certain countries or intend to penetrate a new market, you might also want to reserve the relevant domain names first (eg. .CN domain for China).

Next, think of a name that will represents your products/services, trademark or your company name and do an availability check below.

Domain Search :.

Some customers will choose to have many domain names “linked” to the same website.   This can be achieved by selecting a primary domain for the site (eg.  and then “park” another domains on it (eg.,  You can order a parked domain at the order form after you primary domain has been set up.

Once you have found a domain name that is suitable and available, you are ready to submit a hosting application.

The country level domain I want (eg., is not list in your application form. Can you register for me? 
For most domains names, we can register on your behalf, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.  Contact us for more details. 

I already have a domain name, can you do a transfer?
Yes we can.  Transfer is free with 1 year renewal.  If the package includes a free domain name, you will get free transfer and free 1 year renewal.

Can you tell me more about your data center?
Sure.  We do not make compromise on the quality of data centers.  We host your accounts in high quality data centers that comes with redundant power supply, advanced air-conditioning system, enhanced security, fire suppression system, multiple high-speed connectivity, bandwidth redundancy and manned/monitored 24/7.  

 * if you have more questions.  Do feel free to Contact Us.

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